Posted April 5, 2016

Greetings! Send me a note via the contact form below if you answer yes to any of the following.

  • We’d met somewhere, at some event or a crowded pub, but I didn’t have a card on me and your phone battery died. Somehow you managed to remember my name, spelling and all (good for you, and thank you!) and you want to know if we had accidentally made a switch of our duffel bags — yours had kittens in it, and mine had top secret documents about the foot fungus conspiracy
  • You like my stories and want to tell me how much you love them
  • Your lecturer made me your topic of study — here I must warn you that I used to lecture myself, and was a medical reporter, so a bit of research and thinking is a good idea
  • You spotted a hilarious typo in my book and you haven’t stopped laughing since, so you thought I ought to know how much I made your week, no, your month!
  • You like making random friends on the internet
  • You have a business proposition, which will make us both wealthy without steamrolling over vulnerable communities; and though it requires much work, it can be done within the week
  • You have an idea for a book but don’t want me to write it
  • Instead, you want to join my critique group
  • You solved the mystery of the foot fungus conspiracy

I don’t know if I’ve covered everything, but you’ll welcome to try. You may track me down on my various social media accounts, I’m most active on Facebook (friends only, alas), so you could try there. Best is to send your message in the contact form below. I’ll try to get back to you with a positive answer, but that would depend on what else I’m working on at the time.

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Ready? Go!