Big Bertha and the Stones of Justice

She could have died in a snatch theft incident. She adopts a rock for protection.

Someone yelled from the shadows. "Bring a parang. Cut off his hand." ~Big Bertha and the Stones of Justice

Elsie found a rock and named it Big Bertha.

It was mostly grey-orange in colour, streaked with white and speckled with black. Roughly oblong in shape, one side smooth and the other jagged, the rock looked as though it had just fallen off a cliff. Elsie took it home and scrubbed the loose dirt off with an old toothbrush. Most of her furniture were varnished wood, so she found a battered wooden tray for Big Bertha to rest on. As she moved from room to room, Elsie would bring the tray and Big Bertha along with her.

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Readings 2 cover
Readings from Readings 2: New Writing from Malaysia, Singapore and Beyond
The victim of a snatch theft adopts a rock which she carries everywhere for protection; a world-famous author plots the perfect suicide in an anonymous hotel room, and a young neurosurgeon finds himself on the other side of the medical equation after a tragic accident. From the village headman who travels to weddings on his tractor, to an androgynous rock singer with a U2 tribute band, and a beautiful ghost haunting abandoned warehouses with her lover, the book is packed with fascinating characters and intriguing situations. This second collection of stories, poems and essays under the Readings from Readings banner is as diverse as the writers who’ve penned the pieces. What unites them is their connection with Kuala Lumpur’s longest running literary events, Readings@Seksan and CeritAku, which provide regular platforms for new work.


KL Noir White front cover
KL Noir: White
Amazon | Fixi
KL NOIR: WHITE is the second of 4 volumes about the city’s dark side. The 18 short stories tell of what lies underneath the shiny facade of Kuala Lumpur. Some might even revel in the juxtaposition of order and innocence amidst the shadows. You will find murder, drugs, corruption, time travel, superheroes, politics and genitalia mixed together with taxis, dolls and children. Light and shadows mix, and we explore the gray lines of a city’s silhouette.